Heather Potter

The Disappearing Glass

The Disappearing Glass

Nearly ten years had passed since the night Harry was left on the Dursleys' doorstep, and life at 4 Privet Drive had become a predictable routine. The Dursleys had tried their best to squash any sign of magic or difference from their lives, and Harry, as a result, suffered greatly. He grew up under the weight of Dudley's constant bullying, his hair always a mess and his clothes tattered hand-me-downs from his cousin.

The Dursleys were also adamant about maintaining the appearance of a proper, respectable family. They expected Harry to conform to the most rigid expectations of cisheteronormativity, fearing that any deviation from their narrow-minded ideals would bring shame to the family, much like Petunia's sister had. This pressure only added to Harry's confusion and sadness.

The sun was barely up, its rays streaming through the windows of Number 4, Privet Drive. The house was a picture-perfect representation of suburban normalcy, but the interior told a different story. The walls were adorned with framed photos of Dudley Dursley, each capturing a moment of his short, spoiled life. There were pictures of him smiling with his parents, playing with his friends, and proudly showing off his latest presents. However, there was no evidence of Harry's existence, save for the numerous locks that adorned the door to the small cupboard under the stairs.

Harry was jolted awake by the shrill sound of Petunia's voice echoing through the house. "Boys! Wake up! It's Dudley's birthday!" she yelled from the bottom of the stairs, her excitement palpable even through her default shrill and scolding tone.

Almost immediately, Harry could hear Dudley's heavy footsteps stomping on the stairs above him. Dudley, eager to start his special day, took the opportunity to torment Harry by loudly banging on the door of the cupboard he’s been living in since he was a baby. "Wake up, gay freak! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!" he shouted, his voice full of glee.

Crumbles of debris would sprinkle over Harry’s face as he reluctantly had to awaken to another day. He pushed his thin blanket aside and waited for Dudley to unlock the door. He heard the jangling of keys and the grumbling of Dudley, who acted as if unlocking the door was a tedious chore forced upon him by Harry, when in reality, it was Vernon's doing.

After Harry had been thrust into their lives, Vernon had initially been at a loss on where to house the boy. The Dursleys had a spare room, but it was Dudley's second bedroom, used to house his growing collection of broken toys and games. The idea of Harry inhabiting a room in their house, a room where guests might see, was unthinkable.

The solution had been simple and, to Vernon's mind, fitting. The cupboard under the stairs, a cramped and dusty place, would serve as Harry's bedroom. It was out of sight, and it had the added benefit of being uncomfortable, which seemed just desserts for the boy who brought so much unwanted disruption into their lives.

In the beginning, the lock on the cupboard door had been a simple one. But Harry had proven to be more resourceful than Vernon had anticipated. There were nights when Vernon and Petunia had woken to find Harry asleep on the living room sofa, his small body curled up in the soft cushions. How he had managed to escape the cupboard remained a mystery to them, but the audacity of the boy had been met with harsh reprimands and stricter measures.

Over time, Vernon had added more locks, even a chain, anything to keep Harry in his place. Each morning, the jangling of keys was a grim reminder of Harry's confined existence. And yet, Harry would often look at Vernon with a strange, almost defiant glint in his eyes, as if there was a part of him that could never truly be chained down. This unnerved Vernon, but he shrugged it off, content in the knowledge that for now, Harry was securely locked away.

Once the door creaked open, Dudley sneered at Harry, "Get out of bed already you dumb girl! And make sure to get my presents ready, too!"

Harry nodded, not wanting to provoke him further, and closed the door to the dark cupboard. Dudley closed the door, leaving Harry to change his clothes in the cramped privacy of his makeshift bedroom. He reached for Dudley's old hand-me-downs that were far too large for him. As he pulled them out, spiders scurried away from the fabric, seeking refuge in the darkest corners of the cupboard.

Finally dressed, Harry exited the cupboard and carefully made his way to the kitchen, trying to avoid the ever-watchful eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. As he passed the hallway mirror he slowed down to study his reflection. His jet-black hair was a mess of untamed locks that stubbornly refused to be tamed, no matter how many times he tried to flatten it. This was difficult to avoid as his hair was only cut recklessly and carelessly by the Dursleys whenever it became too long to be considered proper for a boy. A pair of large, round glasses framed his bright green eyes.The glasses were slightly askew, one of the arms held together by a piece of tape, a testament to the numerous times they had been broken and repaired due to the repeated hittings he’d get from Dudley. 

His face was thin and pale, with a dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose. His cheeks were soft and round, giving him an innocent and almost feminine appearance. He couldn't help but pause for a lingering moment to gaze at the softness of his own features. As he did so, an unspoken feeling welled up inside him, causing a tightness in his throat.

"Boy! What are you doing? Get a move on with breakfast!" Petunia's shrill voice pierced the air, startling Harry out of his contemplation. He quickly moved on to the kitchen, attempting to push the feeling aside for the time being.

Under the intense judgment of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, Harry prepared breakfast for the family. He tried his best to make everything perfect, knowing that any mistake would be met with harsh criticism or worse.

"Why are the eggs taking so long?" Vernon grumbled from the living room, causing Harry to jump.

Harry hurriedly cracked eggs into a frying pan, his heart raced, fearing the wrath. Vernon at the table, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for his breakfast.

"Almost ready, Uncle Vernon," Harry replied, his voice barely above a whisper.

Vernon's eyes narrowed as they fell upon Harry. "Boy, your hair is getting too long. It looks like a mop," he grumbled, scowling at Harry's unruly locks.

Harry hesitated for a moment before responding, trying to muster the courage to stand up to his uncle. "I... I like it long, Uncle Vernon," he said quietly, his eyes downcast, not daring to meet his uncle's gaze.

Vernon's face turned a deep shade of red as he glared at Harry. "You like it long? That's not for you to decide, boy. You're lucky we even bother to feed and clothe you," he spat, his voice dripping with contempt.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Vernon," Harry mumbled, his eyes downcast as he focused on finishing the eggs. He knew better than to argue with his uncle, even if it was about something as simple as his hair length.

As the eggs finished cooking, Harry carefully transferred them onto plates, along with the bacon and toast he had prepared earlier. He carried the plates over to the table, setting them down in front of Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley. Vernon and Petunia had been waiting impatiently, watching Harry's every move, while Dudley had been busy counting the presents he'd received one at a time to see if it was just as many as last year.

Vernon grunted in approval as he surveyed the breakfast, then dug in without another word. Dudley momentarily looked up from his present-counting to dig into his breakfast as well.

"Thirty-seven," Dudley announced suddenly, his face falling. "That's two less than last year!"

Vernon and Petunia exchanged worried glances before Petunia hurriedly reassured her son. "Oh, don't worry, Dudders. We'll buy you two more presents while we're out today. How does that sound?"

Dudley's face brightened immediately, and he went back to eating his breakfast with renewed enthusiasm.

Harry stood awkwardly by the table, waiting for permission to sit and eat. Petunia glanced at him with a disdainful expression before nodding towards the smallest plate, signaling that he was allowed to eat.

Harry quickly took his seat, grateful to have escaped any further criticism, and began eating his meager portion. The conversation around the table focused solely on Dudley's upcoming birthday celebration and the zoo trip planned for the day.

As the Dursleys finished their breakfast, Vernon wiped his mouth with a napkin and announced, "Well then, let's get ready to go to the zoo, shall we?" Dudley let out a whoop of excitement, while Petunia began to clear the table.

Harry quickly tidied up the kitchen, not expecting to be part of the day's celebrations. However, by some strange twist of fate, Mrs. Figg, their usual babysitter, was unavailable. Vernon and Petunia exchanged worried glances.

"Maybe we can ask the neighbors?" Petunia suggested, her voice uncertain.

"No, they're out of town," Vernon replied, frustration evident in his tone. "There must be someone else we can leave him with."

As they pondered their options, the doorbell echoed through the house, momentarily pausing the morning chaos. Dudley's face lit up and he propelled himself towards the door, shoving Harry out of his path with a rough push. Harry stumbled, catching himself on the wall to prevent a fall.

Dudley yanked open the door, revealing Piers Polkiss on the doorstep. Piers was a rat-faced boy with a thin frame and beady, calculating eyes. He had a perpetual smirk on his face that always made Harry uneasy. His appearance brought a vivid memory to Harry's mind.

He remembered a day at school when Piers and Dudley had cornered him, their laughter echoing in his ears as they'd shoved him back and forth like a rag doll. Piers had been the one to suggest locking him in the janitor's closet. He'd spent the rest of the day in the dark, cramped space, alone and scared.

"Hey, Big D," Piers greeted Dudley, his eyes sliding towards Harry with a gleam of amusement. "Your freak cousin still living with you?"

Dudley let out a hearty laugh, clapping Piers on the back. "Of course, Polkiss. Someone's got to do the chores."

From the hallway, Vernon's stern voice echoed, "Boys, to the car. We're on a schedule."

With no other alternatives and time running out, Vernon reluctantly turned to Harry. "It seems you'll have to come with us to the zoo, but you better not do anything funny, you hear me?" he warned, his voice low and menacing.

Harry, surprised by this turn of events, quickly agreed. "I promise, Uncle Vernon, I won't cause any trouble."

Vernon eyed him suspiciously. "You'd better not. Oddities always seem to follow you like the stench that sticks to rubbish, and I won't tolerate it ruining my precious Dudley's birthday."

Harry couldn't help but think back to the strange events that seemed to happen around him. He remembered the time when Dudley and his friends had been chasing him, trying to hit him with stones. Suddenly, they had found himself on the roof of the school, without any idea of how they had gotten there. Another time, Dudley and his friends had cornered Harry, mocking him for his long hair and dainty frame. Just as they were about to close in on him, an unexpected gust of wind had blown through the area strong enough to knock them down while leaving Harry standing tall, causing their laughter to be replaced with shrieks as they were momentarily distracted enough for Harry to safely run away.

One morning, Aunt Petunia had forced Harry to cut his own hair, deeming it too long and untidy. Heartbroken and humiliated, Harry had obediently snipped away at his dark locks. Yet, the very next day, his hair had returned to its previous length, as if he had never cut it at all. Aunt Petunia had been livid, accusing him of trickery, assuming he was using clippings of someone else's hair to hide his defiance against them but Harry had been just as baffled as she was.

Another time, Aunt Petunia had been trying to force him into a revolting old jumper of Dudley’s.While struggling to fit it over their head the jumper had flipped inside out to reveal much white and lilac reversible inside that Petunia never recalled noticing before. Harry’s preferences mattered little in this matter and decided that she needed to throw away the jumper immediately to hide the shame of possibly accidentally bleaching it in the wash. 

Despite all these strange incidents, Harry couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. He knew that his circumstances were far from ideal, but the prospect of a day where he could actually have fun for once was too tempting to resist. He looked forward to the zoo, hoping for his own safety that nothing would go wrong.

As they all piled into the car, Harry found himself squished between Dudley and Piers, their obnoxious laughter and rough nudges making the space feel even smaller. Harry pulled himself inward, trying to make himself as unnoticeable as possible.

Piers leaned in close to Harry, his breath foul. "Better not ruin Dudley's big day with your weirdness, Potter," he sneered, his eyes glittering with malicious delight. Harry could even feel his boney elbow digging into him 

Harry remained silent, staring out of the window as the car pulled away from Privet Drive. Despite the discomfort and the looming threat of Dudley and Piers, a small spark of excitement still ignited within him. Today, he was escaping the Dursleys' house, if only for a little while.

As the Dursleys' car made its way to the zoo, Vernon and Petunia complained about the motorcyclists on the road, muttering about their reckless driving and lack of consideration for others. Listening to their complaints, Harry couldn't help but recall a vivid dream he'd once had about being on a flying motorbike, soaring high above the clouds with the wind whipping through his hair. He couldn't resist mentioning it to those in the car.

"You know, I had this dream once about being on a flying motorbike," Harry said hesitantly, unsure how the Dursleys would react.

Vernon snorted derisively, while Petunia and Dudley exchanged mocking glances. "A flying motorbike? What utter nonsense, boy! You really should learn to keep your ridiculous fantasies to yourself," Vernon grumbled, shaking his head in disdain.

Dudley chimed in, snickering, "Yeah, Harry, only babies have silly dreams like that. Grow up!"

Harry felt a small surge of defiance well up inside him, and he softly defended himself, "But dreams don't always have to make sense, do they? I thought it was just a bit of fun."

Vernon's face turned red, and his voice boomed, "Enough! You will not back talk me, boy! Your ridiculous dreams are just another example of how you're not normal, like your good-for-nothing parents!"

Harry immediately regretted speaking up, wishing he'd kept his thoughts to himself. He fell silent, staring out the car window and trying to keep his emotions in check. He focused on the day ahead, the prospect of the zoo visit providing a small beacon of light in his otherwise bleak existence.

The car ride finally ended and they arrived at the parking lot of the zoo. The Dursleys' attention was entirely focused on ensuring that Dudley had the best experience possible, while Harry was left to trail behind them, practically forgotten. Dudley and his friend, Piers, walked ahead, laughing and making obnoxious comments about the animals they saw. Vernon and Petunia would occasionally call out to Harry to keep up, but they barely seemed to notice his presence otherwise.

The Dursleys, Harry, and Piers made their way into the zoo, Dudley leading the charge from exhibit to exhibit. At the concession stand, Dudley and Piers were treated to mountains of popcorn, large sodas, and a variety of candies, while Harry was allowed nothing more than a small bottle of water. Harry tried not to let it bother him, focusing instead on the fascinating array of animals before him. He observed a group of chattering monkeys, a beautiful peacock displaying its brilliant feathers, and a lumbering elephant spraying water from its trunk.

As they moved through the zoo, Vernon enthusiastically lifted Dudley onto his shoulders so he could have a better view of the giraffes, while Harry strained to see past the crowd. When it came time for a family photo, Petunia shooed Harry away, insisting that it was a "family picture" and he should step aside.

Determined not to let their neglect spoil his day, Harry did his best to avoid Dudley and Piers, fearful of the violence they might inflict upon him if given the chance. Throughout the day, Harry attempted to soak in as much of the zoo as he could, knowing that this rare moment of freedom from the Dursleys' watchful gaze wouldn't last long.

Harry's day at the zoo was like stepping into an entirely different world. The variety and splendor of the exhibits were a stark contrast to the grey walls and monotonous life back at Privet Drive. Each enclosure was a meticulously crafted slice of a far-off land, rich in detail and vibrant in color.

The tropical bird exhibit was a spectacle of lush foliage and vibrant hues. Canopy trees reached high towards the faux-sunlit roof, their leafy crowns creating a natural roof of emerald green. Orchids and other vibrant flowers dotted the landscape, their petals a riot of reds, pinks, and purples. Bamboo clusters added a contrasting touch of verticality, their slim bodies swaying gently in the artificially created breeze. A series of wooden platforms and ropes crisscrossed the enclosure, providing ample perching spots for the birds. The backdrop of a painted tropical sky stretched across the entire enclosure, blending seamlessly with the living foreground.

Birds of all shapes and sizes flitted about, their colors so vibrant they were almost unreal. Scarlet macaws perched on branches, their long tails cascading behind them like a painter's dream. Their calls echoed through the exhibit, a raucous chorus that filled Harry's ears with wild, free sounds. Elsewhere, toucans preened, their oversized, rainbow-colored beaks gleaming in the soft light. Smaller, iridescent hummingbirds darted between the flowers, their wings a blur, their bodies shimmering in the sunlight as they moved. Without warning, a peacock unfolded its tail, a stunning fan of iridescent blues and greens that created a mesmerizing mosaic of color. The bird strutted around, its magnificent plumage reflecting the light, a living work of art that Harry would carry in his memory.

Next was the big cat exhibit, a piece of the African Savannah transported to Surrey. Golden grasses, as tall as Harry himself, waved gently in the artificial wind. Rocks of varying sizes were scattered strategically around the enclosure, providing the perfect lounging and vantage points for the cats. A faux watering hole, complete with soft, sandy banks and a few scattered logs, added a touch of realism. The back wall was painted to depict an endless expanse of the savannah, stretching into the horizon, the illusion of depth making the enclosure feel infinitely larger.

Majestic lions lounged on rocky outcroppings, their golden manes catching the light, radiating power and confidence. Their eyes, a rich amber, held a primal wisdom that spoke to the wildness of the world outside Privet Drive. Nearby, a sleek leopard prowled, its muscular body slinking through the tall grass with a predatory grace. The contrast of its black spots against its golden coat was striking, hypnotic even, as it moved with a silence that was almost ghostly.

The jellyfish exhibit was an entirely different experience. A vast aquarium, its deep blue water lit from within, casting an ethereal glow on the room. The bottom was strewn with rocks and pebbles, a variety of sizes and shapes creating an intricate landscape. Seaweeds of various hues danced gently in the water, their slender bodies creating a soft, waving carpet. The back of the tank was painted a deep sea-blue, small points of light mimicking distant stars, creating the illusion of fathomless depth. Suddenly, a tiger let out a deep, resonating roar that echoed around the enclosure, the thrilling vibration making Harry's heart skip a beat. It was a moment of raw power, a reminder of the strength and grandeur of these majestic creatures.

Each exhibit was a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the zoo's designers, a lovingly crafted representation of the animals' natural habitats. The vibrancy of these enclosures painted a sharp contrast to the dreariness of Harry's cupboard, each one a gateway to a world far more intriguing than anything Privet Drive could offer.

The jellyfish exhibit was an entirely different experience. A vast aquarium, its deep blue water lit from within, casting a dreamy glow. The bottom was covered with rocks and pebbles and coral creating an intricate landscape. Seaweeds of various hues danced gently in the water, their slender bodies creating a soft, waving carpet. The back of the tank was painted a deep sea-blue, small points of light mimicking distant stars, creating the illusion of fathomless depth.

Translucent bodies pulsed rhythmically in the cool blue water, their movements an underwater ballet. Their delicate tentacles trailed behind them, glowing with an ethereal light, casting mesmerizing patterns on the walls of the enclosure. The sight was otherworldly, the silent dance of the jellyfish a spectacle of grace and tranquility that filled Harry with a sense of wonder. As if on cue, one of the jellyfish began to glow brighter, its soft luminescence creating mesmerizing patterns of light in the water. The tranquil, rhythmic dance of the creature made for a hypnotic sight, a soft ballet of light and movement.

As the morning turned to afternoon, Harry's excitement began to wane slightly, replaced by a gnawing hunger. Noticing the time, Vernon gruffly called everyone together for lunch, spreading out a blanket on a patch of grass near the monkey enclosure. Petunia began to unpack a large thermal bag, filled with Dudley and Piers' favorite treats. Meanwhile, Harry was handed a crumpled paper bag.

"In there, boy," Vernon grumbled, his eyes sternly warning Harry not to complain.

Opening the bag, Harry found a single dry cheese sandwich, the cheese sliced so thin it was barely there, sandwiched between two pieces of stale bread. His stomach growled with discontent, but he dared not voice his disappointment. He watched as Dudley and Piers chomped down on ham sandwiches, handfuls of crisps, and guzzled fizzy drinks, their laughter filling the air.

"Oi, Harry, want a crisp?" Piers taunted, holding up a crisp only to throw it at a nearby pigeon. Dudley laughed uproariously, spraying crumbs across the blanket.

As the teasing continued, Harry felt the joy of the morning seep away. The vibrant colors of the tropical birds, the majesty of the big cats, the mesmerizing dance of the jellyfish, all faded into the background as he was reminded once again of his place in the Dursley family.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur, Harry's earlier excitement dampened by the return of the Dursleys' usual cruelty. Despite this, he clung to the memories of the morning, the brief taste of freedom he'd had.

Dudley and his friend Piers announced that they wanted to go see the largest snake in the Zoo, the vicious Boa constrictor. They rushed off after eating, leaving the rest to follow after them. By the time Harry caught up with them, he found Dudley and Piers tormenting the sleeping snake in the enclosure, banging on the glass and laughing as they tried to provoke a reaction.

Feeling a mixture of sympathy and kinship with the captive creature, Harry moved closer to the enclosure, his heart aching for the snake who, like him, was subjected to cruel attention while confined to a small space. He stood in front of the glass, his eyes locking with the snake's as he began to speak softly.

"I know how you feel," Harry said quietly, knowing the Dursleys couldn't hear him. "Trapped, with nowhere to go, and only ever given attention when it's cruel."

The snake seemed to study Harry's face, flicking its tongue as if it understood what he was saying. Encouraged, Harry continued, "I wish there was a way for both of us to escape these…  cages…"

As Harry continued his one-sided conversation with the snake, Dudley and Piers grew frustrated with the lack of reaction from the creature. They turned to Dudley's parents, who were standing a short distance away, watching with disinterest.

"Mum, Dad, make the snake do something!" Dudley whined, stomping his foot impatiently. "It's just lying there, being boring!"

Vernon grumbled, clearly not thrilled with the idea of having to do anything himself. "Fine, let's find someone who works here. They'll know how to get this lazy thing moving."

The Dursleys left in search of a zookeeper, leaving Harry alone with the snake. He looked back at the boa constrictor, offering a small, apologetic smile. "Sorry about them," he said softly. "They’re… always just… so cruel."

The snake's eyes seemed to convey a sense of understanding, and Harry found comfort in their shared bond. "I hope that one day, we can both find some peace," Harry whispered, his heart aching for something that never should have been absent.

The boa constrictor continued to watch him, its gaze never wavering, as if it understood the depth of his longing.

Soon enough, the Dursleys returned with a zookeeper in tow. Vernon wasted no time in voicing his complaints. "This snake is just lying there, doing nothing! Can't you make it do some tricks or something?"

The zookeeper frowned, looking at the snake and then back at the Dursleys. "Well, sir, snakes aren't really known for doing tricks. They're not like dogs or dolphins. They have their own way of living, and we should respect that."

"Where is your home?" Harry asked the snake, his voice barely a whisper. "Where do you come from?"

Although the snake couldn't respond, it seemed to understand Harry's question. Its eyes took on a faraway look, as if it was remembering a fading memory of a place it once knew. As the snake bobbed its head and coiled its body, Harry sensed a shared sense of longing between them. He continued, "If you could go anywhere in the world... where would you even go..?"

Harry watched as the boa constrictor uncoiled its entire enormous body and stretched to its full length, gesturing its whole body towards the exit door. Harry couldn't help but feel a connection to the snake, as he too longed to escape his life and run for the exit, even if he didn't know where it would take him next.

"I know how that feels," Harry whispered softly, his voice tinged with sadness and understanding. "I wish I could just leave and find where I truly belong too."

The snake's eyes seemed to lock onto Harry's, a silent acknowledgement passing between them. Harry could feel a strange warmth emanating from the connection they shared in that moment.

As the snake slowly came to life, moving its body in response to Harry's words, Dudley's attention was drawn back to the snake and Harry. He watched with a mixture of disbelief and anger as the snake appeared to communicate with his cousin, something that should have been impossible.

"Hey!" Dudley shouted, his voice filled with jealousy and rage. "What are you doing? Stop messing with the snake, ugly freak!" And with that, he charged up towards the snake roughly shoved Harry out of the way, sending him sprawling to the floor.

In that very instant when Harry's head hit the cold, hard floor, a strange buzzing sound filled his ears, disorienting him. It was as if a swarm of bees had taken residence in his skull. He lay there, dazed, while the world around him seemed to spin like a carousel.

Struggling to focus through the foggy haze of pain and confusion, Harry's eyes tried to find the snake behind the glass. His vision blurred and shook, but he was determined to see the boa constrictor again. At the same time, the emotions coursing through him, sparked by Dudley's cruel actions, seemed to create a powerful energy within him.

As Harry's focus tightened and the emotions reached their peak, a mysterious force swirling inside him found its way out. In the same moment in which Harry could see clearly again the glass separating the snake from the onlookers disappeared without a trace, as if it had never been there.

Dudley, who had been banging on the glass and barking orders at the snake to perform tricks, suddenly found himself falling forward into the enclosure, falling face forward into the pool of mud at the bottom of the exhibit with a resounding splat. He stared, wide-eyed and panicked, as the snake began to move. As he realized what had happened, Dudley immediately attempted to retreat but the mud he was covered in made it impossible for him to get the grip he needed to lift himself out. 

Petunia shrieked, "Dudley, dear, are you alright?!"

Dudley spat out a mouthful of mud, his face a mask of shock and disbelief, "Wha- What happened to the glass?!"

Vernon, red-faced with anger and embarrassment, bellowed, "What is the meaning of this? Who's responsible for this?"

A flustered staff attendant rushed towards the enclosure, stammering, "I don't know, sir. The glass, it just... disappeared! We'll get your son out of there right away. I swear nothing like this has ever happened before!"

Meanwhile, the boa constrictor, free from its enclosure, slithered toward the now trapped Dudley. As Dudley tried to regain his footing, the snake charged past him with a powerful thirst for freedom, knocking the boy back into the mud as it rushed its way towards the exit.

Panicking with the fear and embarrassment that’s usually meant for Harry from being shoved back into the mud, Dudley burst out yelling, "Get it away from me! Get it away! I hate snakes! Snakes are the worst! I never want to see a snake ever again!"

Harry, still lying on the ground and trying to comprehend the bizarre turn of events, couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at the small triumph they had both achieved against the oppressive Dursleys.

The snake turned its gaze to Harry, and for a brief moment, their eyes met. It was as if the snake was acknowledging their shared understanding before it slithered away towards its newfound freedom.

In the chaos that ensued, Harry knew that he had somehow played a part in the snake's escape, even if he didn't quite understand how it had happened. He wondered if his odd connection to the snake had something to do with it, but as the Dursleys fussed over Dudley and the zoo staff scrambled to contain the situation, Harry decided to keep that thought to himself.

As the Dursleys and Dudley's friend stormed out of the zoo, they were livid. Their faces were red with anger, and they shouted at the zoo staff, demanding a refund and to speak to the management. They threatened to call the police and have the entire establishment shut down, citing negligence and danger to the public.

Back in the car, the Dursleys couldn't let it go. They were all furiously typing away on their phones, leaving scathing reviews and posting online calls to action against the zoo. They exaggerated their stories, painting themselves as victims of a horrifying and violent ordeal.

Dudley's friend, Piers, suddenly spoke up, "You know, I saw that freak Harry talking to the snake just before everything went mental. Like he was having a conversation with it or something."

At the mention of this, Vernon's face turned an alarming shade of purple as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. Petunia and Dudley exchanged knowing glances, each of them equally disturbed and furious at the thought that Harry might have had something to do with the incident.

They drove home in silence, the tension in the car palpable. Upon arriving at their house, Vernon slammed the door shut and rounded on Harry, who had been trying to make himself as invisible as possible in the back seat before getting dragged into the house by his arm.

"You!" Vernon snarled, his voice shaking with rage. Vernon, unable to contain his rage any longer, grabbed Harry by the collar and lifted him off his feet. His face was a deep shade of purple, his eyes bulging with fury. "You little freak!" he bellowed, his voice full of unbridled anger that sent shivers down Harry's spine. "You've ruined Dudley's birthday and embarrassed us in front of everyone! I don't care if I can't prove it was you, but I know you had something to do with this! You're going to pay!"

Vernon's grip on Harry's collar tightened, making it hard for him to breathe. "From now on," he screamed, his voice deafening, "you'll be locked in that cupboard with no fancy food or fun or sun for the rest of your miserable life!"

With that, Vernon dragged Harry by the ear towards the cupboard under the stairs, ignoring his gasps for air and the pain etched on his face. He shoved Harry inside the small, dark space, slamming the door shut behind him. Harry heard the jingle of chains and the clicks of multiple locks being secured, sealing him in his prison.

In the pitch-black confines of the cupboard, Harry's chest heaved with each labored breath, his heart pounding so loudly that it filled the small space with its frantic rhythm. He felt as if he was standing on the precipice of a vast, dark chasm, sinking quickly deeper into overwhelming despair.

The unfairness of his life with the Dursleys, the years of unrelenting neglect, and the suffocating struggle of being stuck inside the locked cupboard weighed down on him with crushing intensity. As he struggled to catch his breath, his hands clutched at his chest, as if trying to physically alleviate the ache that lay buried deep within.

Amidst this torrent of emotions, memories of his struggles at school added another layer to his pain. Harry couldn't make friends because of Dudley's relentless bullying, which extended to anyone who dared to speak to Harry. Dudley and his gang made self-assured accusations that Harry was gay and that anyone who tried to talk to him must be trying to do something gay with him, using this as crude justification to treat him as horribly as they wanted. They had been told by their parents that gay people were ruining the country, and they used this twisted belief as a license to torment Harry even more. It was almost as if the more ways he could figure out to torture Harry the more Dudley would be showered with love and affection from his parents.

The torment was all the more painful for Harry because he had only ever been afraid of other boys due to Dudley and his gang. He couldn't even fathom the idea of liking another boy romantically when he was constantly filled with fear and trepidation around them. Moreover, he barely felt like he could choose how he looked because Vernon was always concerned that he would appear too gay to the neighbors which might start nasty rumors about the family if he ever dared let Harry actually make his own personal choices in life, who only ever seemed to express interest in the opposite of whatever a real man should want for himself.

Beneath it all was the unspoken pain of knowing that he had once had loving parents, who had perished in a car crash, and yet he had no memory of them. The Dursleys refused to speak of them or even say their names, adding to the sense of loss and injustice that Harry felt. Every time he fought for this precious information he would be harshly scolded with how much that type of talk would hurt Petunia’s feelings. While reflecting on this he wiped away the tears that prickled at the corners of his eyes, choking back a sob that threatened to escape.

As the pressure of these emotions mounted while all these painful memories flooded through him in his isolation, tears streamed down his face, each droplet carving a hot path down his cheeks. His body shook with silent sobs, each wracking his entire being, as he mourned not only for the loss of his parents but also for the life he had been denied.

Finally, driven by a force beyond his control, Harry grabbed his pillow, buried his face in it, and screamed as loudly as he could. His voice was muffled, his cries swallowed by the cushion, yet the intensity of his emotions reverberated through every fiber of his being. His body trembled violently with the force of his sobs, tears flowing uncontrollably as he cried out, desperate for the universe to hear him, to make it all just stop. All this intensifying pain just needed to stop.

The Girl Who Lived

Unearth the peculiar world of the Dursleys, a "normal" family with a secret disdain for anything unordinary. Especially the child of Lily and Jane Potter...

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The Letters for Heather

Letters start appearing, uncannily addressed to 'Heather'. Seeing her chosen name triggers a surge of anticipation and an air of mystery. Who knows her secret, and how?

The Knight of the Witch

A thunderous knock. Hagrid, the knight of the witch, has arrived, bringing revelations that dramatically shift Heather's world and marks the dawn of her transformative journey.

The Girl She Always Was

Venturing beyond Dursleys, Heather's journey of self-affirmation takes flight. She meets wizards, explores spellbound shops, finally learning to embrace her true self.

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