Greetings, dear readers,

I am the creator behind the Heather Potter series, and I believe it's high time we start a dialogue much like the open discussions held at The Three Broomsticks, a place where conversations bubble like hot butterbeer. You may well ask, "Who is TA Meowing, the mind behind Heather Potter?" To provide some context—though a bit somber in nature—it is essential that I share my tale. You see, I'm a wizarding world devotee in my 30s who grew up in the enchanting embrace of the Harry Potter series. Each book, I took pride in delving into eight times over, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next. I immersed myself in the games, faithfully watched every film, and frequently found myself role-playing in the Harry Potter universe, concocting stories of my own. A pertinent fact to my tale is that I was, during this time, a closeted transgender girl. The world around me seemed constructed for perspectives far removed from my own experience, leaving me feeling as lost as a first-year in the labyrinthine corridors of Hogwarts.

Throughout my formative years, I engaged in perpetual debates to be allowed to grow my hair to its maximum possible length for a boy, which often left me with a mop as messy as Harry's. Being the smallest kid in my year and wearing glasses, I was an easy target for bullies, much like Harry. As I read the Potter series, I saw my reflection in the pages, not merely because of our shared appearances, but also the prejudices we both endured – mine for appearing queer, Harry's for being a wizard. Our lives were bound by an unforgiving social dynamic that rendered us isolated, a reality rarely acknowledged or validated. Those who might have wanted to befriend me were deterred by fear, mirroring the apprehension that surrounded Harry because of the Dursleys. I dreamed of a better life where I could be accepted as I am, nurtured and allowed to grow into the person I always knew I was. The longing I had for a Hogwarts acceptance letter mirrored this very dream of mine.

As much as I found solace in the narratives of the Harry Potter series, I increasingly felt estranged by its lack of representation for queer individuals like myself. During my childhood, queer identity was deemed inappropriate for children to even acknowledge. Being a closeted transgender child felt like an anomaly, as if transgender identities were considered deceptive and perverse, reserved for ill-intentioned adults. Society was cloaked in a narrow-minded ideology that conjured an illusion of a threatened normalcy amidst the waves of LGBTQ societal integration. This hostile worldview didn't permit queer children to validate their identities or discuss their experiences, let alone learn how to grow amidst the pain and prejudices. It was a time in the cupboard under the stairs, if you will.

Amidst all this, the Harry Potter series was, on one hand, like finding a secret passageway to freedom, and on the other hand, as the narrative shifted from dealing with the very traumas I connected with towards a universal tale of an underdog, it felt like watching the Room of Requirement vanish just when I needed it the most. The series no longer mirrored or metaphorically included queer narratives. Consequently, I found myself revisiting the books, not only to relive the magic but also to reimagine Harry's journey, incorporating my own experiences. I conjured alternative storylines in my mind, casting transfiguration spells onto the original story that rekindled the original allure of the series. The vision I am cultivating now feels like revisiting a Pensieve filled with memories from my childhood. It's as if it has been calling out to me, yearning to be brought to life now that I've emerged from the closet and can reflect upon my journey with clarity.

Despite the disappointing lack of queer representation in the Harry Potter series, it became my safe house, akin to Grimmauld Place, helping me understand my own narrative through its heartwarming messages of love and acceptance. When JK Rowling unmasked herself as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, vocally antagonizing transgender individuals and the efforts to foster gender-affirming acceptance in society, it was as though I had been hit with a succession of Stunning Spells. Time and again, my social media feeds seemed cursed with her latest anti-trans comments, rants, and propaganda. It was as if someone was defiling my Invisibility Cloak. The joy that once echoed in the fandom's enthusiasm for the wizarding world now carried an implicit endorsement of Rowling's adversarial stance towards the trans community, posing herself as a victim in a bid to safeguard a 'threatened' normalcy from the so-called perils of transgender acceptance.

The Heather Potter of my childhood, my past self, holds a sacred place in my heart now. The struggles I braved, the love I cherished, the pain I withstood, and the strength I discovered in order to navigate my journey to adulthood are what feel desecrated by JK Rowling's careless remarks, equating transgender rights activists with Death Eaters. It's distressing to consider that the emotional intelligence that once breathed life into the Harry Potter series now seems inverted. To me, Rowling has become like a wizard consumed by her own potions, neglecting the sentiments and experiences of others. She's blinded to the repercussions of her words on marginalized communities and fails to appreciate the significance of representation, inclusivity, and the inherent power dynamics of her platform. Her introspection and self-preservation appear to cloud her ability to empathize and grow, perpetuating a cycle of self-absorption and disconnect that I find as alienating as a Dementor's presence.

As an unassuming artist in a bustling world, I've been honing my skills with new AI-driven creative tools over the past three years. These tools, like an invisible guiding hand, have pushed my capabilities beyond what I once thought possible. As my workflows became faster and my creative potential expanded, I found myself facing a liberating shift. No longer was I only thinking about creating what would pay the bills; I began to question what I truly wanted to share with the world. An intrinsic part of my creative spirit cried out to be given voice and form. Again and again, I find myself returning to a deep-seated pain, inflicted by a person I once idolized—a pain I know is shared by the entire transgender community. My key aspiration with this venture is to contribute meaningfully to the escalating discourse on transgender rights. This is a critical juncture, with many transgender children feeling abandoned and misunderstood, their rights, identities, and support networks under intense scrutiny. It feels as if the hard-won progress we've striven to achieve is in danger of being undermined. My creative project aims to serve a dual purpose: to educate and provoke thought. It will parody the original Harry Potter series' lack of queer representation while satirizing society's real-world attitudes towards the transgender community.

There's an aching void in young adult literature that lacks significant representation for transgender children, a void I still remember painfully from my own childhood. Telling my story through the Heather Potter series feels not only essential for my healing, but for the greater good of society. It's an opportunity to bring about more profound societal understanding and acceptance for my community. During these challenging times for transgender people, I hope this series can serve as a source of hope, knowledge, and understanding about transgender experiences. Embarking on this journey won't be without its trials. I anticipate backlash, possibly intense, but the potential to effect real change and make a difference for my community outweighs any fear. As I step into this new territory, I am grateful for your company and support. The ambition to contribute positively to my community surpasses any other aim. Thank you for joining me on this path that I have chosen for myself. The chance to have a meaningful impact on a cause so close to my heart means more to me than anything else I could hope to achieve.

Yours truly,

TA Meowing